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Curriculum Design & Facilitation

I have served as a speaker, facilitator, and curriculum developer for government, private, and not-for-profit organizations for over 30 years. I speak on topics related to health, leadership, and workplace psychological safety and can design a training event or presentation to suit your business needs.  For a list of previous clients, check out the "Speaking CV" subpage under Groups.


What can I offer?

Working in large organizations, I had the opportunity to participate in hundreds of facilitations and trainings. Each one was motivational and entertaining, but left me without the tools to integrate change.  Moreover, our employer paid thousands of dollars for flash without substance.  That is why I have made it my mission to offer training opportunities that are cost effective and provide strategies, tools, and 

in-session experiences that speak to the subject matter and future implementation for enhanced productivity, leadership, and team cohesion.  My approach is holistic and specifically tailored to "real life" challenges while offering the flash WITH the substance!

All facilitations above offer skills and strategies that can be taken home and used the same day!


An Array of Topics


Mental Health @ Work

Mental health at work can be undermined by a wide variety of factors.  From bullying and sexual harassment to burnout and poor communication, there are challenges that may need to be addressed.  Workshops and courses in this area speak to the above while offering real life strategies for home and the workplace.  Facilitations can be as advertised, or can be designed to meet the unique needs of your organization.


Sport Psychology

Integrating neuroscience with sport and clinical psychology, these facilitations bring a greater understanding of sport performance while offering strategies that speak to athletic focus, confidence, and psychological safety. Coaches and athletes, alike, will benefit from learning new skill sets that will help prevent burnout and create an environment to support  mental resiliency for both coach and athlete.



Whether you work in a management role or coach pee-wee baseball, our leadership series integrates coaching and psychology with transformational leadership skills building.  This menu will offer a wide variety of workshops that will strengthen leadership skills and help to promote a more supportive and healthy workplace environment. 


What about fees?

Fees are established based upon the individual needs of the client.  From designing a curriculum to delivering facilitations, it is important to get the product and experience that speaks to your organization.  To book a complimentary consultation, please email or call 250-830-7330. 

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