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Performance Coaching Services

Whether you are an athlete, a student, in business leadership, or wanting to alter your path to achieve your goals, performance coaching offers the support (sometimes) necessary in being our best selves.  Coaching is a great option for those looking to focus forward to live, work, and achieve authentic success.  As a performance coach, I am able to blend counselling and therapy into a coaching plan when necessary.  Meaning, when clients become blocked and unable to move forward, counselling may be what is needed to dive deeper before moving forward.  I blend strength-based, positive psychology with Polyvagal Theory providing a holistic approach while speaking to the nervous system's role in performance.  Whether you are a student, an athlete, looking towards retirement, interested in strengthening your health, or wanting to achieve greater in the workplace, coaching is for you. 

Retirement / Transition Coaching

Planning for retirement usually speaks to finances but retirement planning also needs to address a sense of purpose, social connection, and other factors that can enhance our quality and quantity of life after we leave the workforce. I have worked in the area of retirement coaching for over 17 years and enjoy working with folks to create the life they have worked so hard to financially support.  If not retirement, perhaps you are getting ready for a life transition? Whether it is moving into another career or changing jobs, coaching can support clients in challenging the fear of change while growing the life (and the good health to enjoy it) you want. 

Coaching for Sport & Exercise

For athletes, performance anxiety, negative core beliefs, and negative self-talk can interfere with overall performance and one's athletic career.  Having a unique background of kinesiology and exercise/sport psychology, I am able to coach athletes in sport psychology while bringing in counselling and therapy when applicable. I integrate EMDR strategies for sports performance and confidence building while addressing the influences of anxiety in sport performance and life in general.  For those interested in making exercise a lifestyle, my research, experience, and education informs my approach when designing unique action plans and training programs while taking a polyvagal approach to increasing the client's overall health. 

Health & Lifestyle Coaching

Health and fitness can be strengthened at any age. As a health and fitness specialist, I have worked with a wide variety of clients over a 30 year period. From creating a life long exercise program that speaks to your needs or transition to an anti-inflammatory and/or eating plans that support overall health or specific health diagnosis, health coaching addresses the psychology of change and adherence for life.  I do not serve as a nutritionist, but through health psychology we can address the barriers and action plans needed to change and stick to an eating plan prescribed by a nutritionist. 

It's never too late to increase health and fitness while strengthening your quality of life...for life.  

Academic / Corporate Coaching

Even if you are not an athlete, performance anxiety can be experienced as a student or one in a corporate culture.  For students, exam anxiety is real while those in graduate studies may experience a sense of immobility when writing that final thesis or dissertation.  Leadership in the workplace can bring with it anxiety that can get in the way of a good presentation or from leading effectively.  From speaking to large groups to leading a team, these tasks can become daunting if one is experiencing performance anxiety or the negative self talk that tends to thwart our best efforts. This is where coaching can support both student and executive.  With a focus on those negative beliefs that get in the way or to establish timelines for accomplishments, coaching can provide a great support no matter what your needs.  Working within the not-for-profit, municipal, military, and academic cultures, I have over 25 years experience coaching students and employees in the area of transition and performance. 

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