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Counselling Services

If you are going through a loss (job, health, relationship), are experiencing anxiety and/or depression, burnout, fear, or any challenge that leaves you feeling overwhelmed and in need of support, counselling may be for you. I am able to blend counselling and coaching or integrate exercise and other lifestyle prescriptions when appropriate. This not only support client health, but also helps to build a mental resiliency tool kit for future stressors.  I am able to work with a wide variety of clients. Issues related to loss, grief, transition, anxiety, depression, death & dying, relationship, divorce, social injustice, anger/stress or burnout management, chronic pain, and more.   

Therapeutic Services

Unlike counselling, therapy may be longer term and attends to the "treatment" of conditions such as general trauma (PTSD), eating disorders, substance dependency, and experiences of violence and abuse.  Trauma related therapy begins with a focus on emotional stabilization to ensure the client is able to manage the emotions that may result from this work.  As a trauma therapist, I integrate Somatic and EMDR therapy when appropriate and integrate exercise and lifestyle strategies to help support the client in between sessions.  I take a neuroscience approach to therapy, healing, and support while avoiding medicalizing mental health. I am able to work with challenges related to medical traumas, PTSD, motor vehicle accidents, chronic pain, eating disorders, and those who have a history of adverse childhood experiences. For more on the integration of exercise for mental health, check out the page under "services".

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