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What is so great about groups?

Group support, therapy, and education delivers similar benefits as does individual counselling.  The benefits of social connectivity can help with feelings of isolation and loneliness while offering cost effective mental health support. At Kathi Cameron, Mental Health & Human Performance, we offer 4-week courses and 2-week workshops all focused on support, discussions, education, and skill development.  

Three Good Reasons to "Group"


Cost Effective

Private counselling may offer shorter waitlists, a wider variety of services, but also come with a higher fee.  Groups can offer clients the opportunity to benefit from the above while paying a reduced rate.  


Social Connection

Social connection is an important for good health. Many adults find it difficult and challenging to make new friends for all sorts of reasons. Groups offer the opportunity to meet and learn from like-minded people. You are not alone! 


Education / Support

All groups offer a mix of education, skills building, and the support of both group and counsellor.  All groups speak to life and health coaching.  Participants identify where they want to go and create the paths to get there. 

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